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Breaking Free, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

Posted by
dj.tigersprout (New York City, United States) on 9 April 2009 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

the second main reason i moved to NYC was because new york city is a place where everything and anything can happen. you can find yourself working for any type of company and any type of person -- and that is just the way it is! its as if all the famous business executives and celebrity names get put into a hat and drawn out on a daily basis... after all, a significant amount of celebrities live here too -- and they need to eat and sleep and get their laundry cleaned and pressed... they need to walk their dogs and take taxis... they need to have lunch meetings and hang out at clubs and bars... and they need assistants to help them juggle their busy schedules... so life continues as per usual, even with the rich and famous in the mix!!

but i didn't move here for the celebrities -- no way. why i moved to new york city lies mainly with the fact that there are so many people living and working here, and each 'person' can be as unique as he or she wishes -- and therefore, choosing to be the unique individual that they are, they can choose a job / profession / hobby that is just as unique as can be... and therefore their lives and personalities can also be as different and distinct: like their work schedules, and the times that they sleep, the type of work that they do to earn a living, and the people and social circles they hang with... every type of conceivable lifestyle is here -- and that is what i call: 'proof of life'

gone is the norm -- i don't feel freakish or 'against the flow' and i don't fear being reprimanded for dreaming big... everyone around me is doing the exact same!!! we are all bound by the fact that we are all dreaming and putting each thought into action and sharing our results. and i can't tell you how 'dizzying' it is to think of all the different ways to earn money in this city!!! all perfectly acceptable, all 'normal'... and the 24/7 pace of life? just wonderful!!! i can do my laundry at any time day or night... truly brilliant to throw your washing in at just after 3am and be done at 4:30am in time for bed... and i can eat all night too if i choose!! i can take a nap in the evening, get up around 11pm, eat and then hop on the subway destined from some new and happening bar / lounge / club that doesn't get rocking til around 2am -- on a weekday night!!! :P

anyways -- as a status update, the job hunt has truly begun. i have revamped the resume, answered a few craigslist ads, and contacted some word of mouth opportunities... next week i will register myself for some temporary work as a steady source of income until i land some sort of internship or assistant job... will keep you all posted!! all the best!! :)

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