Young Lovers, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

Posted by dj.tigersprout (New York City, United States) on 8 April 2009 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

i was meeting up with an old aussie friend in Grand Central Station the other day, and while i was waiting for him i had 2 different 'moments', or 'new york minutes' (what i refer to as humbling thoughts on a gigantic scale -- epiphanies). the reason they stood out so clearly was that they truly underlined why i chose to move back to this magnificent place: new york city!! :)

strangely they came to me as 'phrases', and they both invoked powerful 'visualization' in my mind's eye.

the first one is quite simple to explain: i was watching people swarm into the sub-level food court one level below the great ticket hall, and after a few moments of wondering how i was going to recognize my friend i hadn't seen in almost 5 years, i found myself nearly mesmerized by all the vastly differing faces of the constantly moving crowds. i was intently looking at faces, even trying to make eye contact at times as they approached and passed by me, searching for that 'spark' of recognition... couldn't this be the guy? or wasn't this the guy, weren't the eyes quite similar? or didn't this guy kinda dress familiar?

i wasn't sure exactly what to expect and i realized we had never communicated on what each other would be wearing that would have made meeting in such a busy place so much easier. so many minutes later as i was still trying to find my friend out of the sea of faces, i was simply struck by the concept that i was just one of many, trying to find a single person out of all these hundreds of thousands of milling people... so many people, so many faces, so many facial traits, some similar, some very distinctly different... none of them ultimately the person i was looking for. i was attempting to find a 'needle in a haystack', in human terms. and once i came to that conclusion, the concept exploded itself and in my minds eye i saw myself standing on an island (manhattan) from high above -- an almost out of body experience, if you will) set amongst swarms of humans... millions and millions...

it was simply a breath taking notion that i was carrying out this rather simple 'task' amongst millions all over the city at lunch hour. there of course were many others around me that were also doing the exact same -- scanning the long hallways and corridors looking for their counterparts. then after an undeterminable amount of time, like atoms colliding in space, friends, acquaintances and loved ones were coming upon each other and there were loud burst of joy, of connection amidst the ever shifting chaotic surrounds. it was simple indeed, but simply mind blowing too!

tomorrow i will explain the second of the 2 concept phrases that came to me: proof of life

hope you weeks are well!! i will also send out an update tomorrow night via email on my job hunt progress and my currently constructed life in new york city!

all work protected by Creative Commons

1/100 second
ISO 800
18 mm


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