View from the Highlands, Wadi Mousa, Jordan

Posted by dj.tigersprout (New York City, United States) on 7 July 2008 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

Just before i was about to depart for Wadi Rum, my bedouin mate Taeesyr put a call in to one of his friends that quickly made another call to someone else... and 20 minutes later a hefty 4x4 truck pulled up driven by a friendly guy in his late 20's. He had a pretty nice American truck... He said he often ran deliveries as a way of making money which was helping to pay his way through his schooling to be an accountant.

I thanked Taeesyr kindly for his priceless hospitality and hopped into the truck. We waved our goodbyes and headed up the sloped side streets until we crested the top ridge of Wadi Mousa. Moving south along the skyline we looked out over the expansive and rocky canyons of Petra to the vast, barren and dusty flatlands beyond. Even though there was a small sand storm brewing in the lowlands, it was simply amazing to be able to see for such a great distance! From that height it would be impossible to know what treasures lay entrenched in the rocky caverns below... in fact, Petra lay 'forgotten', its exact whereabouts unknown by the 'West' for nearly 500 years until it was 'rediscovered' in the early 19th century by a Swiss explorer!

Even though we had quite a bit of a ride ahead of us and were on a timeline, at the first of the possible vista stops, i begged the driver to pull over so i could take in the scenery and quickly snap some pics. For a split instance, i thought he didn't understand, but then he quickly complied and pulled over with a smile. I needn't have worried -- he was in good need of a smoke break! :)

all work protected by Creative Commons

1/125 second
ISO 100
46 mm


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