Reflection Pool, Hyde Park, Central Sydney

Posted by dj.tigersprout (New York City, United States) on 14 June 2008 in Architecture and Portfolio.

About 13 years ago i used to come and sit quitely by this reflection pool in the wee hours of the morning... (alright, i had been furiously clubbing at the Lizard Lounge, one of Sydney's hottest night spots... and i do mean heat in a very physical sense!) But i distinctly remember the calmness that would steal over me as i watched the darkened reflections of the skyline waver gently in the lapping water. Many years later i am stationed else-where in this world, caught up in other ideas, with no access to this marvelous pool -- a gem of central Sydney. Yet when crossing through Hyde Park this past April on a gloomy fall morning, I instinctively headed for this spot, anchored by more than a decade of these pleasant memories. The gods must have favored me, for the pool was at its finest -- the dwindling storm clouds threw off a startling blue-ish gray light, and gentle winds meddled with the water's glassy surface giving me this shivering sense of a return-to-place... And for a moment, a door within me opened, and I could intensely relive the feelings, no longer only distant memories. I was years younger, the world seemingly much larger and more naive. It was summer, 1995, and I was myself, the same wide-eyed day-dreamer, so idealistic and yet somehow renewed... except this time I was miraculously armed with a camera from my future.

all work protected by Creative Commons

1/30 second
ISO 100
31 mm


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